Caldwell County, Texas

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As provided in the Texas Constitution, Caldwell County has a single court presided over by a county judge.

The Caldwell County court has concurrent jurisdiction with justice of the peace and district courts in civil cases in which the amount in controversy is small. Jurisdiction is said to be concurrent when two levels of courts have authority to try the same type of case.

The constitutional county courts generally hear the probate cases filed in the county. They also have original jurisdiction over all Class A and Class B misdemeanor criminal cases, which are the more serious minor offenses. These courts usually have appellate jurisdiction in cases appealed from justice of the peace and municipal courts, except in counties where county courts at law have been established. Unless the appeal is one from a designated municipal court of record (trial proceedings are recorded by a court reporter), the appeal takes the form of a trial de novo (a completely new trial).

DWI and other criminal cases are heard in the Caldwell County Courthouse at 110 S. Main St., Lockhart, TX. Lockhart is the county seat.

Inquiries may be directed to:

Caldwell County Court at Law
110 S. Main St.
Lockhart, TX 78644

Phone: (512) 398-6527
Fax: (512) 398-1828