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Unmarried Same-Sex Couples Sign a Birth Certificate

U.S. and Texas laws have changed in recent years to allow the names of same-sex couples to appear as parents on their children’s birth certificates. However, because the law can change again and there is opposition in some quarters to LGBTQ+ civil rights, adoption is advisable to protect the parental rights of a child’s non-biological parent. […]

Primary Custodial Parent. in Texas

When we represent a parent in a divorce or a child custody matter, our clients often worry about who will become the “primary custodial parent.” However, that term does not exist under Texas family law. During court proceedings, you will hear words like primary custody, custodial parent, and non-custodial parent. Attorneys and family law judges […]

Texas Child Custody Calendar

When divorcing parents in Texas cannot agree to a child custody arrangement, the court will impose and enforce the Texas Standard Possession Order calendar. The Standard Possession Order is designed for children ages three and older and is presumed to provide reasonable minimum parenting times that are in the best interest of the child. There […]

As anyone who uses social media knows, what gets posted online can affect issues offline, including divorce cases. Words, photos, and videos posted on social media can be damaging evidence in a divorce, particularly if you and your spouse have a contentious divorce. Being aware of how social media can affect divorce proceedings could help […]