Cedar Park Jugging Victim Shoots Suspect During Self-Pull Over Attempt

Sam Bassett photo courtesy of FOX 7 news

Cedar Park, TX (April 10, 2023) – The Cedar Park Police Department in Texas is investigating an incident in which a man shot a jugging suspect. Jugging occurs when someone observes a person withdrawing money, follows them, and steals the cash. On April 10th, the victim withdrew money from a Chase Bank and stopped at a nearby gas station. The thief broke into the victim’s car, stole the money, and fled the scene. The victim followed the suspect’s car and attempted to pull them over. Criminal Defense Attorney Sam Bassett commented that individuals have the right to follow and stop someone who has stolen from them.

The situation escalated when the suspect brandished a gun, prompting the victim to use his firearm in self-defense, shooting the suspect in the mouth. Bassett explained that using deadly force is justified when someone points a gun and there’s a reasonable belief of serious harm or death. The injured suspect drove to the hospital, while another suspect took a Lyft to Houston, where he was arrested and the money was recovered.

Bassett highlighted that this case falls under the Texas Stand Your Ground Law, the same law Governor Abbott is using to pardon Daniel Perry, who was found guilty of murdering a Black Lives Matter protester in 2020. Bassett explained that under this law, individuals no longer have a duty to retreat if they believe it can reasonably ensure their safety, as was previously required. The jugging case remains under investigation, with no updates on the suspect’s recovery.

Source: Fox 7 Austin.

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