Making the first decision to file for divorce with a young child was hard enough but then thinking about finding the right attorney to help me through this trying time was almost just as scary. During a divorce there are a range of emotions that go through your head and sometimes ideas of what should and shouldn’t be agreed to in a divorce. Jason Ortega was who I decided to go with and I am so glad I did. Jason was very upfront and honest with me and did not make unrealistic promises about unrealistic expectations. He was willing to hear me out and give me different options to help navigate my divorce in the best interest of myself and my son. Jason was extremely professional and well prepared for anything my divorce threw his way and boy was there many… to say the least. Although thankfully I was able to come to an agreement in mediation, Jason was ready, willing, and with guns a blazing ready to fight for me and my wants in court if needed. I am so thankful I had Jason as my attorney and would highly recommend him to anyone.