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criminal arrest

Anyone who faces criminal charges following an arrest or indictment needs an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent them as the criminal justice process moves forward. Individuals have the right to represent themselves in court, but this is a serious mistake. Few people facing criminal charges have the know-how and resources necessary to investigate the […]

Defending the Accused: The Role of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Criminal defense attorneys live by the standard that an accused person is innocent until proven guilty. At Minton, Bassett, Flores & Carsey, P.C., our criminal defense attorneys consider it a privilege to use our skills to defend the rights of each client we represent. Get the justice you deserve. Call us now at (512) 270-3612 […]

separation and divorce

Few things in life affect your finances, family relationships, and mental health as much as going through a divorce. When your divorce is finalized, you want to know you have reached the best possible outcome and that you have made well-founded decisions with your future in mind. Avoiding missteps can help you reduce acrimony, protect […]

As anyone who uses social media knows, what gets posted online can affect issues offline, including divorce cases. Words, photos, and videos posted on social media can be damaging evidence in a divorce, particularly if you and your spouse have a contentious divorce. Being aware of how social media can affect divorce proceedings could help […]

Speaker Dade Phelan, R-Beaumont

Amid a criminal investigation into an allegation that a lobbyist used a date rape drug on a legislative staff member, Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan on Monday took steps to make it easier to report incidents of sexual misconduct in and around the Capitol. “For too long, the culture of the House made victims of […]

The Peace Corps failed these women after they were sexually assaulted while volunteering. Three women tell their stories of sexual assault while volunteering in the Peace Corps, and how the agency’s bungled response compounded their trauma. Hannah Gaber, USA TODAY Authorities said Thursday that an allegation that a lobbyist spiked the cocktail of a female […]

A married Texas businessman paid special forces-trained hitmen $750,000 to murder his mistress and her new boyfriend after they threatened to expose his cheating, according to federal prosecutors. Erik Charles Maund was busted Friday in connection to the murders of Holly Williams, 33, and her partner William Lanway, who were found riddled with bullets in […]

What we know about the case of a murder-for-hire plot allegedly involving Erik Charles Maund An indictment alleges Maund had an ongoing relationship with the woman and that her estranged boyfriend had demanded money from Maund before their deaths. Nate Chute, Austin American-Statesman Editor’s note: A story about the indictment of Austin businessman Erik Charles […]

A day after charges were dismissed for two teenagers involved in the deadly 6th street shooting, the search continues for the 19-year-old wanted for the shooting death of a man who was visiting Austin. (Photo: CBS Austin) A day after charges were dismissed for two teenagers involved in the deadly 6th street shooting, the search […]

State Sen. Charles Schwertner, R-Georgetown. (Photo by Jana Birchum) The University of Texas has concluded its inquiry into allegations that state Sen. Charles Schwertner, R-Georgetown, sent lewd texts and an explicit photo to a graduate student in August. While Schwertner and his attorneys proclaimed the senator exonerated, the report is in fact inconclusive, largely due to Schwertner’s […]